May 11, 2018

Healthy Bang-Bang Shrimp


It's just about summer time. 
This is our favorite time of year
for many reasons, but one of the top
is that all the local farmers markets are in 
full force! We love to get our summer produce
at the farmers market. Everything is just
guaranteed to be fresh at a reasonable price.

We love finding new ways to whip
up some great meals with our produce.
Today, we are taking a healthier spin on BoneFish's
dish, Bang-Bang Shrimp.

Instead of frying and loading up the secret
sauce with MAYO, we opted to keep
our shrimp unfried, and used Plain Greek
Yogurt as our sauce base. It's super easy!
Just mix the ingredients below for a sauce,
and toss it in your shrimp, and serve over
your favorite lettuce! We use some leftover
Bang-Bang sauce for salad dressing and
cabbage as our salad base.

You will need (for the sauce):

1/2 cup Sweet chili Sauce
Individual size Greek Yogurt
Sriracha to taste


fox + gypsy

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