April 17, 2018

Tunesday; John Moreland

The excerpt about John Moreland
on his Spotify Bio from his TV debut
was more fitting than anything I think
we could have written about
having watched him play last night
at Delmar Hall. It was entrancing in
every way. His lyrics, voice and 
performance led to a magical set that
left me wanting to stay all night.

"The replay of John Moreland's networkd TV debut is...
glorious and affirming and a sucker punch. He is announced
by Stephen Colbert, lights dissolve, and the camera slowly
focuses on the person midway across the unadorned stage,
revealing him beneath muted blue lights.

He is a big man.

Seated, alone, cradling his acoustic guitar.

He looks like nobody who is famous.

Then he begins to sing, to caress the song
"Break My Hear Sweetly", and all that remains is to 
whisper "Oh, my god." "

Watch for yourself! Although I don't quite think
it will match to BEING there, it certainly
will come close enough. And if he ever comes
to your town, definitely check him out!

all images via google image

Happy Tunesday!

fox + gypsy

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