April 4, 2018

Take Me Out {to the Cards game}

We can’t believe it’s already that time of year again: 
Cardinals Home Opener.
To many this means nothing, but the Home Opener is 
somewhat of a holiday in St. Louis, and we love just 
about any excuse to take a half day from work and 
drink some ice cold Budweisers.

If you remember last year, we are not much for the typical
 sports gear. We tend to like things a bit different,
 or in our case, homemade.

We’ve had this Cardinals patch
(we found ours on Etsy)
for awhile now, and haven’t 
quite found the right thing to put it on . Until we came across 
this ringer tee. The colors were right, and the style. 
It was a perfect Match.

Naturally it’s going to be a little chilly tomorrow, 
so good thing we have last year’s jacket!

Play Ball! Happy Home Opener Eve!


fox + gypsy

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