March 27, 2018

Tunesday; My Favorite Murder

As much as we love music, sometimes
we like to take a break and binge
listen to a podcast every now and then.
Especially on a long drive.

This past weekend, on the way to Nashville,
I decided to flip the FM switch to my USB
port and turn on one of my
new favorite: 
My Favorite Murder.

I must admit; it took me some time
to get into this one. It was alot different
then other "Crime" podcasts I have listened
to, so I was a little thrown off.
But now that I have gotten into the swing
of the vibe of the show, I can't turn it off!

Their infamous tagline,
Stay Sexy Don't Get Murdered,
has become an online lifestyle icon.
I've even seen COOKIES sporting the

I am a newly self proclaimed Murderino,
as Georgia and Karen like to refer to 
their fanclub fans. I even joined their private
Facebook Group. It's great! It's loaded with
fans sharing hometown crime stories,
and also fan art (like the one seen below).

If you like true crime, but also love
the comical banter of two 
witty and cunning women,
you must check out My Favorite Murder.

Obsession would be an understatement.

(linked above here)

Happy Tunesday!

fox + gypsy

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