March 13, 2018

Tunesday; J.S. Ondara

Happy Tunesday!

 We are getting back
in the groove after a couple weeks off,
regrouping and relaxing.

While we were on hiatus we had
some time to discover some great new
music. One person we found that 
stood out to us was someone we found
via our Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify,
J.S. Ondara.

Only two singles are listed on his page. 
The one we "discovered" was Revolution Blues.
It's a beautiful folky song about the times.
He says:

"Early last year I went to the women's march
 that took place in St. Paul, Minnesota. It was a cold
 Saturday morning and all around I could see thousands 
of people singing and dancing cheerfully. It didn't feel much 
like a protest, rather than a gathering for love and solidarity. 
As I walked about the crowds of women and men, young and 
old- these words took form in my head; "Let it loose, 
it's the revolution blues". That would end up being the chorus for a 
new song titled "Revolution Blues" that I'm excited to share with you today."

You have to hear it, to feel it. After
a bit of research the find out more
on the allusive artist, all we could
find was that he is currently opening
for Anderson East on his new tour.
No wonder we like his vibe.
Sounds like we have a concert 
to be going to soon!

Check it out on Spotify or SoundCloud.

fox + gypsy

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