March 28, 2018

Scar{f} Face

There is no denying, the 
scarf has become one of the 
biggest trends in accessories.
It's versatility has led to its
longevity in the fashion world.
We've really been enjoying 
exploring ways to wear it, style it,
and make use it to help make a statement
on other accessories.

We've gathered up our top four 
favorite ways to wear the scarf. 
The great thing about it too, is
each way to wear it, weather it
be on your head, neck, ankle, purse
etc., there are even more endless ways
to style it.

Check out our {Pin}spiration below!

Neck Accsessory

Purse Accessory 

Body Accsessory

Hair Accsessory

What ways do you like to 
wear a scarf?

fox + gypsy

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