March 22, 2018

Rae Plants & Vintage

Happy (Official) Spring!

With spring always comes thoughts of
beautiful new plants and flowers 
budding. However, if you are anything
like us and love fresh plants, but don't
quite have the green thumb, it can be
complicated, for lack of a better word.

Luckily, we found a pretty awesome 

We stumbled upon the page by chance
on instagram one day and fell in love
with their aesthetic. Not too long
after following the lovely ladies,
they announced that their unique
air plants in vintage planters were now
being offered for delivery! (eep!)

Not only are the planters carefully packaged
but they were even cool in person.
They even include
care instructions with ever order for the plants, so 
people like us, don't get discouraged
or scared of caring for a living plant.
They add the perfect spring touch
to our decor.
We are obsessed with it all. 

ABOUT RAE PLANTS Natalie and Jillian are Seattle transplants from

 NYC and Chicago, respectively. After meeting
 at their new jobs in the corporate fashion world,
 they immediately bonded over their love of vintage,
 thrifting and antiquing, plants, and their shared
 middle name, Rae. Once they'd each filled their
 own homes to capacity with plants, and in search 
of a creative outlet that got them outside and exploring
 new things in the city, they started planting easy
 to care for houseplants in vintage and re-purposed 
planters to sell at local flea markets. The response
 they got was really exciting - people love plants,
 but are worried that they don't know how to care for 
them, or don't want to deal with potting them themselves!

Less than a year after launching Rae Plants, the business 
has expanded to include plant interiors for both commercial 
spaces and residences, plants for parties and events, local plant
 gift deliveries, wholesale potted plants to local retailers, and 
most excitingly, a collective retail store, Ship Song Collective, 
along with six other local artists and creatives that they met 
on the Seattle pop-up market scene.  

or on instagram@raeplantsandvintage

fox + gypsy

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