February 15, 2018

Rose Infused Cocktail + Ice Cubes

Roses are Red
Roses are Pink
Roses make a really great
Cocktail Drink!

Nothing says I love you like 
a bunch of roses, and nothing
says I love MYSELF like a 
Rose infused cocktail.

Today we're mixing up a
post-Valentine's treat and putting
those flowers to some real
good use. It's really easy, and
dangerously tasty!

 We found some mini-roses at the
local store and decided to really jazz
up our cocktail drink by making
rose ice cubes. We just cut the
stems off, placed them into our ice 
trays, and filled with water.

  Now, time to add the champage!
we poured a generous amount into
our glasses, and then added about
2 oz. of our newly favorite
Wild Rose liqeur. (We bought
ours at Vom FASS)

Give it a little stir, then 
sit back, and relax
and enjoy!


 fox + gypsy

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