December 6, 2017

Philomena + Ruth

Don't you just LOVE when you find
a brand that is just RAD in every way?
Good, us too. We first fell in love with
Philomena + Ruth YEARS ago when we
fell into her booth at a local fair and
discovered her headbands. Fast forward to now,
Philomena + Ruth is an independently owned store in
 historic downtown Waterloo, IL, that 
carries handcrafted and independently produced 
clothing, accessories, jewelry,
 and home decor from the best artisans,
 both locally and nationally. 

In addition, founder Elizabeth Hahn designs
handmade accesories and socially concious 
graphic shirts, like this one, 
that are sold in stores and online.

Everything is made with community
and environment in mind.

We also are quite fond of this 
leather fringe sweater that just hit our closets,
and of course, the patches!

If you're like us, and still have some holiday shopping
to do, why not check out Philomena + Ruth,
and while your at it, treat yourself too!
Enjoy free shipping with code!


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