November 6, 2017

Smile Brilliant; Smile Fearlessly

Want to smile fearlessly? 

So did we! Finding a teeth whitening
solution is NOT easy. Especially finding
teeth whitening for sensitive teeth.

 The process reminds
us a little bit of Goldilocks:
This one's too sensitive, this one's 
not strong enough, this one's
too complicated, does it work? And the list goes one.
But ALAS, I believe we found one
that's just right.

Smile Brilliant looked a little intimidating
at first, we'll admit. But after speaking
with a consultant online and reading
some of the teeth whitening reviews, we decided to give it
a shot and see if it was really as easy
as they said.

If you remember, we began
the process a couple weeks back
when we received our kit in the mail
to do our molds for our teeth whitening

After receiving our trays back in the
mail, it was time to start whitening!
Everything you need is right in this
picture, and the best part is you 
can whiten ANYWHERE!

For best results, Smile Brilliant 
reccommends whitening at night for about
45 minutes to 3 hours.
I have been leaving mine in 
for about an hour because I know
my teeth are sensitive, but the 
sensitivity gel helps TREMENDOUSLY
for that as well. I am thinking next
round I will try leaving them in a little

 I know we all have our nightly rituals
and Smile Brilliant is not here to interfere
with that at all. I can hardly tell that i have them
in most of the times. I usually put them
in, watch some netflixs, do my facemasks,
of even just lounging around!

 Once you're time is done, you simple 
remove the trays, and put the sensitivity
gel on for about 15 minutes, and 
you're done! 

So, does this at home teeth whitening actually work?
I definitely started noticing a difference
after a couple of tries, but now that I have
been doing them regularly, I am just
LOVING the results.

Giveaway alert!

 We love this system so much we 
want one of you to have the chance to 
try it for yourself!

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