November 29, 2017


There is nothing quite like a weekend where everything resets itself in a positive way. Thanksgiving weekend is notorious for an outpouring of gratitude, love and light. As it should be of course, but it also is turns out to be so much more. Sometimes, a long weekend designed for friends, family and reflection is a priceless remedy to the "real" world's weight we often feel trapped under. Spending dinner, moments, money (shopping with friends!) with others is the therapy we did not know we may need for ourselves and our relationships.

This year, Thanksgiving was that weekend, that unexpectedly re-centered  an anxious mind and heart. Putting it back on a path that beats for moving forward, acceptance of what is to be and what is to leave behind.  Focusing the mind on goals that cannot be reached overnight but will make an impact on the overall objective. To always choose love and happiness. To be brave, bold and truthful. That self-worth isn't taught, cannot be earned or bought, but  is worth fighting and standing up for. Recognizing dreams can come true and there's magic in our bones that we cannot allow self-doubt or people to darken and suppress. 

 "A feather is a ton of bricks
Or maybe I'm too sensitive...
I don't know.
All I can say is this,
From now on
I'll try to listen to intuition.

There's magic in our bones,
A north star in our soul
That remembers our way home.
There's magic in our bones."

 fox + gypsy

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