October 3, 2017

Tunesday; Tom Petty

Today, we pay homage to a musical
legend, Tom Petty. Tom Petty's music
was that of both nostalgia and influence
for us. We grew up on Petty.
From jamming out to American Girl and
Free Fallin', to cruising along to Wildflowers.
One of our favorite go to Petty staples is
American Girl. It always seems to make
it's way on any one of our playlists.
We can still remember watching
his Last Dance with Mary Jane
music video on VH1. There was something
so eerily captivating about it, and it still remains
one of our favorite music videos to this day.
As a matter of fact, we had just been talking about
the video last week. Unfortunately, we never got the chance
to watch him perform live, but can only
imagine the performance to be nothing short of memorable.
It's sad to think 
the music we grew to love and 
rock to, will now remain memories
 on the pressed vinyls, CD's
and streamed music.
May you rest in peace Mr. Petty.
Your music and soul will be greatly
missed <3

Tom Petty on Spotify

fox + gypsy

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