October 6, 2017

The "Smizing" Solution

Hi, I'm gypsy and I am a victim of smizing.

No seriously though. I was recently going
through some recent posts, when I finally
noticed something my mom has been telling
me for months: 
"You never look at the camera and smile"

While I would like to blame this on Tyra Banks
for all her advice in America's Next Top Model,

alas, I am not a model, and while I also hate to admit,
am not super confident about my smile.

That's why when Smile Brilliant reached out to
use for a brighter smile, it was an offer
that seemed silly to refuse.

Just recently we received our Smile Brilliant kit
in the mail! It was a little intimidating as soon as
we opened the box, but after going over the
instructions, it was actually really easy.
So to begin our journey with Smile Brilliant,
we had to first create our whitening casts.

Mixing the mold is as easy as 1,2,3!
You simply roll the two impression materials
together, put them in the molding tray and
press into your teeth!
The process must be done fairly efficiently
since the mold begins to harden as soon as the
two materials start to touch.

And don't worry! A spare set is provided in
case you mess up... or get distracted
by taking photos!

Once you make your two molds, then
they are ready for shipment to get your custom
teeth whitening trays made!
This is made super simple, as Smile Brilliant 
provides you will all the necessary items need for

And now I wait! I am looking forward to getting
the trays back and trying this whitening product
so that I can Smile Fearlessly!
I will be posting the progression next week
so keep an eye out for the posts!

For more information on Smile Brilliant


fox + gypsy

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