October 5, 2017

Lucky To Live Here in St. Louis

As Tootie once said
in one of our favorite classics,
Meet Me In St. Louis
"Wasn't I lucky to be born in my favorite city?"

There are thousands of things that
we LOVE about this city we 
call home. There are so many hidden gems,
things to do, places to see, people to meet,
and the list goes on. And while we'd love to
say "everything" is why we feel lucky
to live here in this city,
one of our absolute favorite parts of 
living in St. Louis is hands down, what we locals call,
South City. 

Geographically broad,
but locally tight knit. It's the place
we have called home now for
7 years. The Neighborhoods
all have that old city charm. The kind where
every street is
lined with brick houses, each unique
in structure and aesthetic. Local parks, 
like Francis Park,
where everyone goes to
walk their dogs. And it seems just about
every person you meet people is friendly, like
you both have a mutual understnading
of your love for the city. 

On top of all of that, there always seems to
be something going on, whether it
be Grub and Groove, Tour de Francis,
Macklind Days, or even just a
friendly neighborhood block party.
There's never a dull moment.

Embedded in the cozy neighborhoods, 
you will find lots of local eaterys and
shops. The convenience is such a bonus!
Some of our favorites include
Koho Boutique, The Mack, 
Mack Ave Deli (MAD deli), 
Copper Pig, Pub 9, Onestos,
Pueblo Solis, Russells, Donut Drive thru,
 Soha Art Gallery, just to name a few.
Check out our photo journal below of
some of a few of our favorite
South City Things.

OH! And did we mention we live
ONE MILE from 
Ted Drewes!?

South City Garden: You can't pick what you don't
grow. Neighbors come and maintenance this garden
daily. It also has a place for people to compost. 

Walking your dog around the neighborhood, you'll
always take interest in other people's landscapes
and unique architectures.

Turns out, The Donut Drive in doesn't just
have great donuts; it's also a great spot for
a photo shoot.

We've eaten more biscuits than we care 
to admit at Russell's Sunday brunch. You
won't find better ones in town!

You can always find a unique spot to take
some outfit pictures in South City

As avid music and fasion lovers, there
is nothing quite like living two blocks away
from a Record Store AND a cute boutique.

What makes YOU feel lucky to
live here?

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great new places to see in St. Louis, and can't wait
to see what everyone has to share!

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fox + gypsy

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  1. I love this story and the pictures with it! I've lived in SOHA (Southampton) for 18 years and it's like a small town in the middle of the city. The architecture is awesome and the people are too! Everything is in walking distance and we have more businesses coming into our area! SOHA is the best place to live in St. Louis! Hands down! :)