October 4, 2017

Brunch Crawl Donut Bar

A couple of weeks ago, I hosted
a stop on my family brunch crawl.
I decided for my stop to serve up
some homemade baked donuts and
coffee. The donuts varied from
cookes and creme chocolate donuts,
to simple sprinkle donuts, to my
personal favorite, the 
unicorn donut!..
or as my little cousins like to
call them, mermaid donuts!
I'll take either one!

Something came over me while
I was baking away in the kitchen, and 
I decided to try my hand at trying to
create a marble look with the icing.
It was much easier than I expected 
and I was completely obsessed with 
the results!

To create the marble look
, i made
the icing recipe according to instruction 
and made my base color using the pink pastel
dye. Then, taking my marble color,
I dropped VERY tiny drops into the
mix. taking a fork, I carefully began
the drag the color across the mixture
until I got the desired look.
Then I took the cooled donuts,
and dipped the tops on top of the mixture
and then pulled them back up and placed
on my parchment paper. I decided to add
some fun star sprinkles for extra

Next, I needed a way to display the 
donuts for the party. I had bought some
Cake stands to use, but wanted the 
table to have some variety. After
resorting to Pinterest for some inspiration
i ran across some wooden donut stands.
So I decided to make my own.

I bought the wooden pendants and 
sticks from my local Hobby Lobby.
Using a 3/4 inch drill bit, I drilled holes
into the bottoms of the pendant.
to keep the stick in place, I used
some Sugru to hold them together!
Once they were assembled, I painted them
Pastel colors to match the other 
decorations I had bought.

Time to put the party together!

Stay Tuned for more details from
the Brunch Crawl!


fox + gypsy

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