September 20, 2017

Daily Disco Ball

We first DISCOvered Daily Disco while scrolling
 through etsy for enamel pins to add to our stash. Initially, 
we did not know this adorable etsy shop and studio
 was in St. Louis, let alone a mere mile from our workplace. 
We started following her on instragram and through 
instagram stories, fell in love with her studio and art. 

This past weekend we finally got to take a peek and explore her
 studio while shopping her new fall collection of pins and 
patches. She even offered custom chainstich embroidery
 on the spot-- completely free-handed art. 

The party was every bit as bright, colorful and carefree 
as Abby Eilermann, the Daily Disco herself,--complete
 with flavored glittery,cotton candy,  rosé,  ice sparkling
 cocktails and a DJ. We didn't leave empty-handed either, 
we painstakingly selected a few of her
 vintage Las Vegas inspired pieces 
(available here) to add to our collections.

fox + gypsy

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