August 29, 2017

Tunesday; Future Theives

These days, when you hear of a band
being from Nashville, you might envision
a country music group singing about
beers in the backyard or a truck. 
You will not find that with this Nashvillian based
alt-rock band, Future Thieves.
The band is comprised of four members
; Austin, Nick, Giannai, and Elliot.
If you're looking for some rock music 
jam packed with enerry, Future Theives is your band.
Their sound is invigorating.

We couldn't be more excited that they
are making their way to the heart of the Midwest
as they take the stage at Loufest.

Check them out on Spotify and itunes!

Future Theives; The Floor

Future Theives

Happy Tunesday!

fox + gypsy

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