August 16, 2017

Planning a Party with Paperless Post

We LOVE Planning Parties. From the invites
all the way down to the decorating, we love
everything about it. This month, every Wednesday
we are going to be sharing the process of our
party planning for an event we have coming up
in September.

So where do we start?
 The invites of course!

Some people can find invitations to be a hassle.
 But honestly who can blame them? Finding the perfect one,
or having to design one cause you can't find one.
Then having to get them printed, stuff envelopes,
stamp and mail them. We get it. 

Personally, we LOVE designing invitations.
We always do our own, but not having to
get them printed and address every envelope,
then the risk of one getting lost in the mail?
That's why we always use Paperless Post.

It's ECO-Friendly (huge bonus!),
completely customizable, offering your invitations
a super personal and unique look,
and you don't have to worry about 
getting out your black book to hand-write
all the addresses. And huge bonus,
you can do it ALL from your desk, with coffee!
No post office lines (yay!)
Design, upload, send!

We love using Illustrator to creat
fun invitations for our events and parties!

I mean seriously, sprinkle lined envelopes?!

Be sure to check out Paperless Post for your
next big party, and stay tuned each Wednesday
for the progress of our planning!

Happy Planning!

fox + gypsy

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