August 2, 2017

Golden Gems

Like cool shit?

 So do sisters Amanda and Susan,
badass boss babes of one of our favorite local shops
Golden GemS.  We are absolutely
OBSESSED with their killer pins and skull planter.

We are super excited for these ladies
to be celebrating their first birthday of business 
month. We got to chat with the brilliant minds behind
the Etsy shop and pick their brains about all
their successes and inspirations!
Check it out below!

And don't forget to stop by the party
this Friday August 4 from 7-11pm!

­­ F+G: We LOVE your shop. Can you tell us more about how 
you developed the concept for your shop?

GG: The idea when we started was to make cool shit and take no shit.
We want to make things that make people feel like the badass that they are and
we want people to feel empowered.

F+G:  How did you decide to get started in this business together?

GG:  We’re sisters and since we were little we’ve been making things.
 Creativity runs in our blood. So for years we’ve been talking about starting
a business together.  We both had started our own brands with moderate success.
Then a year ago we decided it was time we joined forces and it’s just more
 fun to be in it together! We really are amazed and so grateful everyday for all of the
support we get from people! 

F+G: Do you both come up with the designs for the shop?

Yes! Everything we come up with is a merging of our individual aesthetics
 and every item is born out of an honest collaboration. We both come up with
ideas and then go back and forth about how to perfect each one. 

F+G: How often do you come up with new designs?

GG: We are both constantly coming up with things. But we each come
 up with the best stuff when there is a looming deadline.  So pop ups,
 markets, shows, and parties are a great kick in the ass to bust our new
 products and designs. 

F+G: What is your most popular item?

GG: It’s hard to pinpoint a single item.  Online it’s a tie between our black
 give em hell banner, the diver girl pin, and the bastards key tag.  Whenever
 we do local pop ups though, the STL banner and the neighborhoods
of St. Louis prints do the best.

F+G: Where do you get inspiration for your designs?

GG: Inspiration comes from all around.  There’s definitely some
everyday moments that inspire particular products.  Like our pocket knife that says
“don’t call me baby”, that is taken straight from a time I was walking through a
Goodwill and a man stopped me to say “hey baby can I call you sometime?
”  Umm hell no!!  But we can be inspired in an old antique shop in small
 town Illinois, walking down Cherokee street, or looking through our favorite
blogs and instagrams.  We get inspired to ‘give em hell’ from women who do just that!
Whether it’s real life badasses like Elizabeth Warren and Beyonce or some of our
favorite badass characters like Jo March and Rory Gilmore, inspiration is all over! 

F+ G: What is your favorite part about owning a small business in St. Louis?

We love the local community here! All of the local makers and store
owners are so awesome and supportive. Everyone is always willing to go
out of their way to be helpful. We feel like St. Louis is such a great place for makers
and artists, we have such a great support system.

F+G: Do you have any plans in the future to add more to your shop?

GG: Of course! We’re always adding new things. We hope to do some
collaborations with some other local makers in the near future!

F+G: Where do you see your business in five years?

GG: We hope to be doing this full time! Right now we both have full time jobs
so we do this on the side.  We’d also love have our own brick and mortar space!

F+G: What are some of your favorite shops in St. Louis?
GG: May’s Place, Urban Matter, Flowers and Weeds, Living Collective,
R.Ege Antiques, Future Ancestor, Mesa Home, there’s so many!

F+G: You two both have great style! Where do you get some of your
 fashion inspiration from?

GG: Thank you! We draw from a lot from vintage icons.  Some of our
 favorites are Debbie Harry and Madonna in the 80’s. They were such badasses.
  But we also love the vintage bombshell style of Marilyn Monroe.
Then some days we’re into menswear and minimalism like Patti Smith.
We love to mix and match different era’s and styles with new pieces.  

See you Friday, and 
Happy Birthday Golden Gems!

fox + gypsy

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