August 11, 2017

Flair Fever; Our Favorite Pin Shops

It's official; we've caught the Flair Fever!
And it's highly contagious. We just can't get 
enough of all the cute pins out there!
Stop the Madness...but also don't because
we love all of them. We thought we'd 
spread the fever and share our favorite
pin shops with all of you!

1. Hipster Pins

Hipster pins is a Boss Babe run company based in San Francisco,
California. Their pins are creatively designed and curated
to suit just about any interest. Our favorite is by far
the Unicorn Cupcake...WITH SPRINKLES!
Take all of our money now!

Check them out on Instagram!

2.  Luella

Female owned business based out of Austin, TX. 
Spreading female empowerment across the world.
Proud members of the Big Booty Club! 

Check them out on instagram!

3. WildFang

Live the Wild Life with WildFang flair. These
pins are designed by a team of 8 BA women in
Portland, OR, and range from Golden Girls to
this amazing La Croix pin. 

check them out on instagram!

4. Little Arrow

Little Arrow Studio is maybe the most magical
of pin shops with a mix of quirky. You can find
anything from unicorns, to rainbows, to girl gang pins!

Check them out on instagram!

5. Creature Type

We are lucky to have lots of amazing local Indie Artists,
and one of our favorites is Michelle Volansky of Creature Type.
She is also the creator of the Amazing Boss Babes
Coloring book, and still holds the number one
cat spot on our jackets. It's just our favorite!

Check her out on instagram!

6. Daily Disco

Another favorite local artist of ours is Abbeym
owner and creator of Daily Disco.
Her pins are just FUN. We are particularly
fond of her Rose glitter pin.
Rose all day forever!

Check her out on instagram!

7. Shop Golden Gems

And last, but absolutely never least, the lovely ladies
of Shop Golden Gems. Simply put, they make
cool shit, and we love it all. Our absolute must have? 
The Diver Girl!

Check them out on instagram!

Happy Pinning!

fox  + gypsy

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