June 7, 2017

Happy 5th Year Bonn-iversary!

Time really flies when you're having fun
adventuring. This year already marks our
FIVE YEAR Bonn-iversary. Can you believe it?
Neither can we!

It really seems like yesterday when we
first pulled the trigger on buying tickets
and threw ourselves into the amazing world
that is Bonnaroo. And we never looked back

If there is one thing you should experience
in life, whether it be Bonnaroo, or any other festival,
it would be to grab a bestie or two, hit the road
and get lost in the weekend of live music,
dancing and ,of course, SPICY PIE for days.
No Straighteners, no showers, limited cell service,
no worries, just good ole fashion fun with
best friends making memories that will
surely last a lifetime.

Ready to Roo!

fox + gypsy

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