June 22, 2017

Cheesy Potato Spirals

I know it's beach season, but you can't
be good ALL the time right? A girl's 
gotta have her cheese!

This past father's day, I (Emily)
was in charge of a side dish for a BBQ 
at my parent's house for quite a few people.
so I needed something easy, but also yummy.
I remember seeing these potatoes on 
a Delish video on facebook a while back,
and decided to give it a go with 
a touch of my own flair!

You will need:

small red potatoes
sliced cheese
Garlic Butter
salt for seasoning

to make: 

Preheat oven to 425

1. start by washing your potatoes
2. Once washed, begin by taking a potato and slicing
a thin layer off of what will be the bottom of the potato.
This will be to keep the potatoes flat.

3. Next, begin to cut slices into the potato
but making sure not to cut all the way

4. Next, take your slices of cheese, and break
them into pieces small enough to fit in between
your potato slices.

 5. Once they are filled, take a good amount of
your garlic butter and put it on top of the 
potato. This will melt and sink down
into the potato while it's cooking.
6. Place your potatoes in a pyrex casserole dish
(greased or sprayed).
 7. Place your dish in the oven and bake for
about 40-45 minutes. You can check the potatoes
for tenderness to see if they need more or less
8. Sprinkle salt for taste and enjoy!

Happy cooking!

fox + gypsy

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