May 11, 2017

Organizing Small Spaces With Sugru

We’ve discovered something AMAZING that has
completely changed our DIY game. It’s called Sugru!

What is Sugru?

Sugru is a mouldable glue designed for fixing, making and 
improving just about anything you can imagine. It sticks to almost
 anything, moulds like play-dough, then turns into a durable
 silicone rubber in 24 hours time! It’s seriously addictive.
 Sugru is waterproof, flexible, cold resistant, strong,
 heat resistant, grippy, easily removable, and so so much more!

About Sugru!

We decided to put this magic mold to the test by 
creating an organization piece for our kitchen to reduce
 some of the clutter. It’s a small kitchen with not a lot 
of shelf space. Currently we just have our spices sort of 
strewn about on the window will and stove top.  We can’t tell 
you how many times the spices get knocked over on a 
daily basis. It can be a bit annoying.

 This is our current spice situation...yikes!

We found an old crate that we had and some old mason jars, and
 though to ourselves, let’s make a shelf for the kitchen for the spices!

We used the Sugru glue to attach the mason jars to the bottom
 of the crate for some of our “bigger” spices. To help identify
 the spices, we also added some chalkboard paint on the front so
 we knew what spice was in each jar.

We let it dry for 24 and hung the shelf on the wall and
 WOW. The kitchen feels so clean! The Sugru was WAY
 easier to do then drilling holes into the crate. The beautiful
 thing about it too, is, if we ever change our minds later in life,
 we just simply remove the sugru!

For more information about Sugru visit their website!

Happy DIY-ing..and SUGRU-ing!

fox + gypsy

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