May 10, 2017

Spring with JORD

One of our absolute favorite accessories
to wear are watches. Maybe it's because of 
their symbolic nature, always warning us that
time is passing. Over the years, we have collected
quite a few of them. They range from
designer, to vintage, to family heirlooms.
You name it, were always on the lookout for a
Unique Watch. It was fairly recently that we 
started to notice quite a few people on instagram
posting about JORD watches

They immediately caught our interest because of 
their unique and colorful face, complimented
next to the wooden wristband. After browsing 
the pages of their website,,
 we were finding it
extremely difficult to find just one that we loved,
until we came across this Zebra + Navy beauty.

We've always been a little drawn to more masculine 
watches. they seem to compliment our style
a little better.

JORD watches are handcrafted wooden
timepieces that, like JORD perfectly states,
"tells more than time".  The value of a 
watch is not in being able to tell how much time 
is passing, but to remind us to be aware to use
the minutes wisely, to make them count.

JORD's focus is to create classic timepieces
that are modeled after a modern and stylish 
lifestyle. They value sustainability, efficiency,
and experimental living. Each watch is carefully
made for people who don't just have somehwere
to be, but for people who have somewhere to go!

Moments are, afterall, bigger than minutes.

 We've partnered with JORD for a GREAT 
opportunity to get to experience the craftsmanship
of these beautiful watches for yourself!

To enter the giveaway, simple click the 
link below to enter for your chance to
win a $100 e-gift card from JORD!
Only ONE lucky person will win, but
each person who enters will receive a $25
discount code when the contest is over.

Hurry! Contest ends June 11!

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