May 24, 2017

Mermaid Avocado Toast

Toast + Avocado + Cream Cheese 
'Mermaid' for each other!

Avocado Toast is one of our favorite
quick and easy breakfast go-to's so
we decided, why not make our mornings
a little more magical!

You will need:

Whole Grain Bread (or whatever you desire)
Whipped Cream Cheese
Food Coloring
Edible "accessories"

To prepare, we seperated about 1 1/2 TBS. of cream
cheese into small saucer dishes and then added about
a dot of food coloring to each. Add more to make
it to your desired coloring!
Mix Well.

Toast your bread slices. Allow them to cool
before spreading on your cream cheese.
We put down a thing non-colored base
of cream cheese, and then slowly added in 
the colored cream cheese.

You can play around with all sorts of designs!
Ombre, tie-dye, whatever you're feeling!

 Slice up your avocado, or mash it if you prefer,
and add it to your bread!

Then, get creative with it! We added some star
sprinkles and bread crumbs to look like sand!

If you don't want to use food coloring, and are looking
for a more natural way to color your food,
check out these alternatives!

 beet juice (pink)
 turmeric root (yellow and orange)
 chlorophyll drops (green)
freeze-dried blueberry powder (purple)
 and spirulina powder (blue)


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