May 3, 2017

Baseball Cap

 One of our favorite growing "trends"
right now is ath-leisure wear. No, not
just because it's an excuse to wear leggings
to the bar (which is great), but because of 
all the great accessories that come with
style it.

The great thing about ath-leisure wear
is there are so many ways to do it and
dress it, and one of our favorite ways
right now is throwing on a baseball cap.
Not only does it cover up your bad hair
days (which seem to be just about everyday 
these days) but it just adds a "cool-factor"
to an outfit, and a sort of effortless feel.

We gathered up a few of our favorite insp
pics from the pages of pinterest! We especially
love the look of the embroidered caps or the
suede and leather caps!

Happy Hat-ing!

fox + gypsy

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