April 28, 2017

vintage sports jacket DIY

When it comes to sports fan gear, we always
have been drawn to vintage or throwback
tees and jerseys. Lately, they have been harder
to come by, without paying an arm and
a leg on Ebay. It wasn't long ago we came 
across this bomber jacket from Forever21
that just happened to have the same colors
as some of our favorite Vintage Cardinals 
gear. The baby blue, red, navy and white were 
perfect. So we thought, why not create our
own vintage look.

We've been holding on to this sweater for quite some time
hoping to find the perfect piece to sew 
all the cool sequins cardinals too, 
and I think we finally found it!
We cut out a Cardinal, and sewed it onto the
front of the jacket. The bat was a little
trickier, so we used some old suede fabric
and matching string to create the bat 
for the bird.

It's not quite complete yet. We've been collecting some 
pins and vintage patches 
that we will eventually put on the
jacket as well. But like all other things in life,
greatness takes time!
No we're ready for some baseball!

fox + gypsy

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