April 5, 2017

Travelogue: Page, AZ

It's been almost a week now since,I've been 
back from my adventure west and this week,
I thought I would re-live the trip of a lifetime
and share the adventure! It was a jam packed week
so today, I will take you through day 1, in Page, AZ!

We started the morning waking up in Flagstaff, AZ,
after stopping there from Phoenix for the night to sleep.
Our first destination, Antelope Canyons in Page, AZ!

Antelope Canyons!

Antelope Canyons has been on my bucket
list of MUST SEE places in the US for some time
now thanks to countless instagram photos I have
seen over the years. The place looked magical and 
I decided, time to stop putting this off, I HAVE to see them!

There are a couple of options when it comes to
Antelope Canyons, the Upper and the Lower Canyons.
We opted for the Upper Canyons, which costs about
$45 for the two-hour tour, while the lower
Canyons cost about $20. 
It was worth every penny. They were
every bit as beautiful as the pictures, but much more
spectacular in person. I could have spent all day there.
Make sure to look up or ask the locals the best times of
day to visit the canyons based on the month you are
visiting. The light can totally change your experience in the
canyons! The tours run about every hour, so there may be some wait
time. Plan accordingly!

Down Time!

We got to talking to one of the locals working the
canyons who suggested that we MUST see horseshoe bend 
at sunset. We ended our tour early afternoon, and 
had some time to kill so we decided to grab
some lunch in town and do some side exploring.
After lunch at a local Mexican Restaurant
(with the biggest margaritas I have ever seen might I add)
we stumbled upon an overlook where you could clamor
around on the rock cliffs to get an amazing view
of the Colorado River and Lake Powell.
Which also meant, a great spot for a 
photo shoot. and a small Siesta.

Horseshoe Bend!

The sun was starting to fade, so it was 
time to start heading to Horseshoe Bend! We
were told ahead of time there was a small 1 mile
hike to get to the actual viewpoint, so we wanted to make sure 
we gave ourselves enough time to enjoy the view before
the sun was down. Of all the places in Page,
this may have by far been the most difficult to 
capture. The magnitude of Horseshoe Bend is indescribale
and even harder to show. We were absolutely humbled
by the sight. We spent a couple of hours here chatting, 
journaling and just taking in the scenary and reflecting before the final 
golden hours approached.

All-in-all, day one was successful in more
ways than one! I hope to see this place
again in my lifetime <3



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