April 21, 2017

Travelogue; Moab

It's the final chapter of the Travelogue.
Better late than never. It's been great reliving
this trip through the blog posts, and finishing it
off feels just like it did when the trip ended.
Our final day of our road trip, we headed to 
Moab, UT where we would spend the day at
Arches National Park, and finish out the night
at Moab Under Canvas.

We started out in Arches, driving the scenic route,
and stopping every now and then to view points,
such as balancing Rock and then taking a easy 1 mile
round trip hike to view our first Arch, Delicate Arch.
It was a little farther away than we had
hoped, but to view it up close, it was a much longer
hike, and we knew we wanted to spend our long
hike in the Devils Garden.

After Delicate Arch, we drove over to 
hike to broken Arch. It was a easy hike through
some desert land, and the view once you go there was

You are not allowed to climb ON the arches,
but this arch we were able to climb through.
It's truly amazing to think about how these
arches naturally got there.

After broken Arch, we headed to our big 
final destination, Devil's Garden.
Devil's Garden was at the end of the park and
included a trail with many options for hiking and 
arches to view.
As we approached the Garden, we made a game time
decision to take the primitive trail, that looped around
into the main trail.
Let's just say, there were not exaggerating when they
said primitive. It was well worth the hike,
but certainly a challenge. The trail did not include
any markers. The hiker is left to decide
how the trail goes. I won't lie, we got
lost more than a few times...including when we
thought that the "right" trail entailed clamoring
a really steep "path" past the Double Arches 
(literally almost a vertical incline) to the top of a cliff, only
to realize that it was a dead end, and we had to 
climb all the way back down.

All road bumps aside, we made it back,
and JUST in time for park closing.

After a full day of hiking, it was time to settle in
to Moab Under Canvas, aka, the most
magically place on this planet. 

Moab Under Canvas is not far from Arches and 
Canyonlands (a park we weren't able to make it to)
It was one of the most luxurious glamping 
experiences. The campgrounds were equipped
with a common tent where you could lounge around
and sit around a fire, or, if you want,
you can sit around the campfire outside.

I've never seen so many stars in my 
entire life. The sky cleared up just in time for
us to enjoy the starry view.


 Happy Adventures!

fox + gypsy

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