April 12, 2017

Travelogue; Bryce Canyon

Today continues the Travelogue of day 4;
Bryce Canyon. After (sadly) departing Zion National Park,
we were heading for Mystic Hotsprings (more on that tomorrow)
, with a stop at Bryce Canyons along the way.

We had heard a couple of people say it
before we arrived, pictures don't do 
this place justice. And they were right. 
the magnitude of this place is indescribably.

Bryce Canyon Park is most notably known for their
unique Hoodoo rock formations. These hoodoos
are formed from two weathering processes that 
continuously work together in eroding the rock.
What makes these formations even more brilliant
is their color. The vibrant coral color just makes
this place look like a painting.

Since we only had a day here, we wanted to make it count
so we decided to do the Navajo, Queens Trail Loop,
Which included the Sunrise and Sunset Trails.
It was definitely ideal for the amount of time we
had there and gave us some of the best
views of the hoodoos.

After our hike, we decided to drive to the end of
the park and stop and view points along the way
including the arch pictured below, and then
we headed on our way to our next

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