March 1, 2017

Home is Where the Art Is

Anyone else feel like they get into decorating
mode a lot? You're not alone! It's hard
to get a room just right, especially when you start
trolling the pages of Pinterest and love, um,

But man, doesn't it just feel GREAT, when a space
just starts naturally coming together? It takes some time
but little-by-little, the little pieces of the decor puzzle
just start fitting.

The living room has been one of those spaces.
It's been 3 years, and I think it's now finally starting
to feel just right with the help of some small little details
like this little nook (as we like to call it).

All of these things in the nook have been acquired over time, and
just recently it got the final touch it needed, 
with this modern map art print. As soon as we
saw it, we knew it was the piece for the space! 
It was the perfect Modern piece to accent the
vintage items.

I mean seriously, how cool is this print? 
We are obsessed!

Now that we've discovered 
Modern Map Art, our next project:
a wall filled with cities we visited!

Cool right?

Check out Modern Map Art to find the perfect
piece for your home!

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