February 8, 2017

Rose Gold + Marble Desk DIY

Searching for a glam desk within your budget is a lot more
difficult then we thought. We’re talking $900 outta budget. It’s
especially more difficult when you have something very specific
in mind. Our quest initially started out looking for something
in the realm of white and gold. That instantly took us down
a dark path of the “perfect” desk with an imperfect price tag.

After weeks of searching (we also have serious FOBO:
fear of better options), we decided, if you can’t
find it, make it yourself!

We did some research and found out that, a. we changed
Our minds on style (shocking) and b. it’s very easy to DIY
your desk to suite your style.  

We landed on Rose Gold + Marble, and after finding a desk
In our budget, we decided to go for it!
We bought a couple cans of metallic spray paint,
ordered our marble contact paper on Amazon Prime (cause, addicts)
and went to town!

Obligatory before picture of the space and desk.

Before you assemble your desk, you want to make
sure you spray paint all the hardware and let it dry.

This is the part where it can get sticky (pun intended) so we 
are including the video (below the material images)
 we followed for application of your 
contact/adhesive paper to your top.

Here are all the materials you will need prior:

When you are done prepping all your pieces,
it's time to assemble!

We LOVE the way it turned out. We can't
believe how good the marble contact
paper looks!

Now that the desk is complete, time to
work on the rest of the space!

Hope you found a little inspiration today!

Happy DIY-ing!

fox + gypsy


  1. Amazing and gorgeous!!! Great job!!

  2. helloooo brilliant! Love it, great work!

  3. Replies
    1. The desk is from Wayfair, I have seen similar on Overstock as well!

  4. i love that rug. Can you share where its from?

  5. What do you clean the contact paper with?

  6. Where did you get the rose gold E?

    1. It's from Marshall's. I know they have Wire letters on Amazon and Hobby Lobby you could always spragy paint rose gold as well!

  7. What spray paint did you use to get the rose gold legs?