January 11, 2017

Pieces STL Board Game Cafe

 You guys! The BEST bar just opened in St. Louis, 
Pieces St. Louis Board Game Cafe!

This past weekend, we decided to visit
the new establishment and give it a go.
We may or may not have
 also had heard they had bottomless mimosas
on Saturday and Sunday, so we obviously had
to check that out too!
(The rumors were true if you're wondering!)

We had the greatest Sunday Funday
immersed in childhood flashbacks such
as Dream Phone (yes that's right DREAM PHONE)
and other classics, like Yahtzee and Monopoly,
and even decided to branch out with a new game
13 Dead End Drive. We could have stayed there
all day and night if we could.

Pieces is stocked with over 500 board games
all ranging from easy to difficult,
and all very fun!
Not to mention, they also serve food
and drinks. Grab your friends and go play
some games!

For hours and menus or more information
visit www.stlpieces.com!

This might have been our favorite game of the day.
It took a bit to set up, but it was worth it!
It was like a 3D version of clue. Some of you
may have played it, but if you haven't
we reccommend it!

image via RiverFront Times
image via RiverFront Times
image via RiverFront Times
image via RiverFront Times

Happy Gaming!

fox + gypsy

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