December 7, 2016

Wonton Ravioli

'Tis the season for colder weather and comfy
nights in, which means, home cooked meals.
This is about the time of year when
we dust of our cooking skills and 
and search for hearty (and easy)) recipes.

One of our favorites we stumbled upon was 
this delicious (and super easy) Spinach Wonton Ravioli
recipe.  Not only is it easy, but it's healthy too!

You will need:

1 bag of spinach
1 package of wontons
1 egg
16 oz of part skim ricotta cheese
lemon juice
salt and pepper to tase

in a medium size mixing bowl, combine your egg, lemon juice, spinach and
ricotta cheese. Add salt and pepper gradually to taste.

Next, take a wonton square and lay it out on the counter.
Add a fork-full of your spinach ricotta mix in the middle.

Take your water, dip the tip of your finger in the water,
and trace the edges of the wonton wrapper. Take another plain
square and repeat this water step along the edges.

Take your two wrappers and stick them together (water edges together)
and gently press the edges together to seal.

Place each ravioli is a boiling sauce pan of water for
about 2-3 minutes each.

Pour your favorite sauce over and enjoy!

You can use any sort of filling for these ravioli.
Be creative with it! We also tried a seafood version with
imitation crab mixed in. Delicious!

Happy Cooking!

fox + gypsy

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