December 23, 2016

White Chocolate Trees

We have been busy in the kitchen this week making some
holiday treats for the weekend.
We Can’t believe there is only TWO more
sleeps  until Christmas Day! This DIY recipe today
White Chocolate Covered Pretzel Trees
is perfect if you are in a crunch to make any last minute
goodies for any gatherings this weekend. It only takes about 10
minutes, and it’s fun! They are also great for
small gifts for neighbors, your mailman,
co workers, etc!

You will need:

1 bag of big pretzel sticks
2 10 oz. bags of baking chocolate (you can also use  bark!)
Parchment Paper
SPRINKLES! (for decorating)

To make:

Melt your chocolate according to the instructions on
Your chocolate. Then, lay out your parchment paper on
A flat surface. Line up you pretzels on the paper
Leaving enough room in between (if you are making the trees!)
Take a spoonful of melted chocolate and drizzle it
Over the pretzel in a zigzag pattern, smaller on top,
And wider as you go down, to make a tree shape!
Sprinkle immediately.
If you don’t fancy the trees, simply dip the pretzel sticks halfway
Into the chocolate and roll it around until sufficiently
Sprinkle immediately.


Happy Holidays! 

fox + gypsy


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