December 16, 2016

Miracle on Chouteau Street

Christmas came early in St. Louis, a Christmas Miracle
 if you will (and we will!). If you haven’t already heard, the coolest 
pop up Holiday Bar opened in Lafayette Square
this year, Miracle on Chouteau, opened by owners of Planter’s House.

Miracle on Chouteau is one of 15 bars and restaurants
 around the whole world joining in on the annual pop up, and 
it’s happening right here in OUR city! It’s just as magical as it sounds too.
The pop-up Christmas bar is located in the former 
Gast Haus in Lafayette Square.

This week we popped by the pop up bar. We started off with
 light bites at Planter’s House, located a block from Miracle,
 then walked on down. Inside, we were greeted with 
gaudy Christmas decorations from floor to ceiling including vintage 
decorations, wrapping paper lined walls, garland garnishing, 
and of course, plenty of tacky sweaters! It was such a fun
 place to grab a holiday cocktail with gal pals.

The cocktails are as festive as the d├ęcor! You can get anything
 from a Christmapolitan to a classic egg nog drink. 
And it doesn’t stop there. You can expect your drink to come 
in a festive glass that range from Santa’s Pants to Vintage glasses.
Along with cocktails, Miracle offers holiday snacks like
lumps of coal (oreo rice krispy balls) , popcorn,
and more!...but DEFINITELY get the coal!

There’s really no other place like it. Hurry though! This Christmas 
Miracle is only open for a limited time. The bar will close on Christmas Eve.
It’s best to get there a little earlier to get your name on the wait list. Call ahead’s are welcome, but fills up fast!

lumps of coal snack
egg nog
Yippe Ki Ya Mother F***ker (Bottoms Up!)

Cheers! Bottoms Up!

fox + gypsy

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