November 30, 2016

Anheuser Busch Annual Brewery Lights

It's the MOST wonderful time of the year in St. Louis.
Anheuser Busch's annual Brewery Lights are in 
full swing and as amazing as ever...with some exciting
new additions!
As always, the Lights will have:
fire pits for smores
ice sculptures
and fun activities!
This year AB added a custom-made ice rink,
where Blues Alumni like Bobby Plager and Cam Janssen (and more)
will skate on select Thursday and Saturday nights with guests!
All money donate from skate rentals will be given
to the Blues Alumni Association.
The Brewery Lights will be open:

November 17-January 1
5-10 PM
Closed: Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Years Eve

For more information visit

November 28, 2016

Tunesday: Rolling Stones

 The week after a holiday has us singing the blues.
 Just in time for a remedy is a song from the upcoming
 rhythm and blues album Blue & Lonesome, Hate to See You Go
by the Rolling Stones. Not only is this exciting because
it is the first album from the legends in over 10 years,
but we are already addicted to the sweet sound and are
 keeping all of our fingers crossed for a Bonnaroo 2017
headliner spot...I guess we could settle for a
 Blue & Lonesome World Tour.

fox + gypsy

November 17, 2016

November 16, 2016

Mom Jeans {for the win}

Back around Halloween, we planned to
do an 80's inspired shoot which required us to
purchase some mom jeans. The shoot ended up
falling through, but the mom jeans totally 
did not! We became OBSESSED with them.
lucky for us, it looks like we aren't the only
ones trying to bring this style back to life.
Not only are the ridiculously comfortable, but the
are fantastic with just about everything. The high
rise fit alots for a tucked blouse, or even just
a basic tee, crop tops,  or for winter months, 
paired with a slouchy sweater. Literally,
 anything goes.

We are DOWN with the mom jeans!

all images via google images

fox + gypsy

November 14, 2016

Music Monday: King Mulhacen

We are all too swiftly approaching the year mark since our first, grand eurotrip. We know it's such a cliché to say that it "feels like only yesterday" but it seriously feels just about that way.  It makes us feel young + old,  happy + sad all at the same time. The song "Young and Old" by King Mulhacen captures and beautifies this bittersweet feeling that haunts us.

fox + gypsy

November 10, 2016


You guys! TOYS is finally open at the 
Missouri History Museum!

We have been waiting for months for this exhibit
and all of the fun features that are betrothed 
inside. From Trolls, to Barbie,
to a NERF GARAGE, there's something for everyone. 
We were especially enamored by the train set, lego masterpieces and 
the exhibit rooms modeled after Barbie's various homes. 

Take a trip down memory lane, with toys dating
back to the 50's! Kids {and adults alike} can enjoy interactive activities throughout
including SLINKY RACING!

This exhibit is Free... and did we mention FUN?
Hurry in, this exhibit will only be up 
until January! 

For more information on this exhibit and its related events click here!

Don't forget! Make a day, or a night of it
and make a reservation at Bixby's restaurant located
upstairs at the Museum!

We hear they have bottomless mimosas on Sunday :)

fox + gypsy