October 6, 2016

Show Me Route 66

Traveling is one of the true loves in our lives. 
We thrive on adventure, meeting new people
 and having our eyes opened to new experiences and cultures.

 We are proud that the world-famous Route 66 highway
 is not only historical to America, but in St. Louis as well. 
This dream route is celebrating its 90th year of 
adventures and though the "original" route is not intact,
 Route 66 can still be traveled by a few historical routes
 that have been modified over time.

We can only imagine how beautiful traveling the 
route would have been at its peak to see all the 
sites and architectures at the time!

Oh how far licence plates how come
in their design over the years! It's crazy to think
how basic they use to be.
We really go a kick out of the old cars on display
at the exhbit. It's hard to imagine people actually felt 
SAFE in these things!

 We were like bugs to a light with all the
amazing neon signs the exhibit had on display.
It was the first sight we saw when we walked in
and I think it is safe to say it is where we spent a majority
of our exploration. How could you not?!
We wanted every vintage neon sign for our home.
We asked if we could keep one, but we were quickly
turned down.

 Hands down one of the MOST amazing pieces
in the exhibit is the original Chase Park Plaza neon sign,
beautifully refurbished by the museum. It was spectacular!
We can't even begin to imagine how magnificent it was 
in it's prime. Pictures don't do this one justice,
you definitely have to see it for yourself!

The Missouri History Museum is celebrating Route 66's 
birthday until next July with its interactive and free, 
6,000 foot exhibit that guide visitors through
 St. Louis's most popular stops throughout the route's
 history, many of which are still around today. Without 
giving too much away- we loved all of the buzzing
 neon signs, the AIRSTREAM TRAILER and
 the diner-themed area complete with jukebox, 
original uniforms and listening station.

We were also surprised to learn that some of
 our favorite spots now have been a favorite to visitors and 
St. Louisans for decades
 (see if you can catch those fave spots in the images above).

fox + gypsy

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