October 5, 2016

Moto Z Fashion Night at Laurie Solet

Last week, we gave you an insight into
Verizon's amazing program to fight domestic violence,
HopeLine. Verizon graciously invited us to learn
more about this wonderful program at their evet
last week at the boutique Laurie Solet.

 At the event Verizon also gave us a sneak
peak into all of the amazing products they have to
offer with their exclusive product, the  Moto Z. 

The camera on this phone is convincing enough
to convert us from being iPhone users.
The photo quality is almost more vivid than real life!

Along with the phone came some AMAZING accessories called Moto Mods.
All of the MOTO Z accessories, including the phone cases
 "snap" onto the back of the 
phone using special magnetic technology that also
connects the accessory to the device.

We were especially impressed with the speaker
and projector accessory.

That's right, you heard us, a PROJECTOR.
It's as cool as it sounds. The projector snaps onto
the back of the phone and displays whatever is showing or
playing on your phone onto a screen, up to 10 feet!
... Anyone thinking what we are thinking? Sounds
perfect for some backyard bonfires and movies
projecting on the garage.

This event was such a unique way to get acquainted with 
all of the wonderful devices Verizon has to offer.... 
and was made even  better with a side of shopping
with some of our favorite fellow bloggers
at one of our cool local boutiques, Laurie Solet.

This store has so much to offer from jewelry,
to the seasons latest trends with some amazing brand names;
including Free People and Cupcakes and Cashmere, 
and plenty more!

We can't wait to share what we bought
in this season's Fashion Posts!

for more information on the Moto Z
and the accessories visit:

fox + gypsy

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