September 29, 2016

Verizon HopeLine: Going Purple

With October just around the corner, we are going
 purple in support of 
Domestic Violence Awareness Month 

HopeLine is an awared winning
 phone recycling program through 
Verizon to help victims and survivors 
of domestic violence. Phones, chargers and batteries from 
any carrier and in any condition
are refurbished or recycled and then donated to non-profit
 organizations and agencies that support victims and 
survivors of domestic violence. Often times, survivors and
 victims are left without phones when they leave their abusers;
by donating a phone they are provided a new lifeline
to contact friends, family, employers and shelter
 support staff so they can rebuild their lives.

Get involved!

Donate your device:

Survivors can rarely access their old mobile
device once they have left an abuser. When you donate your
old device, it's refurbished into a valuable source of
support for domestic violence awareness and prevention.
To make a donation:

1.  Erase any data from the phone and disconnect the phone’s 

service with your wireless provider.

2. Remove any storage cards and SIM cards from the phone. 

We thoroughly refurbish donated phones.

3. Place your wireless phone from any service provider along with the battery,

 charger and any accessories you wish to donate in a plastic bag. 
4. Find a Verizon Wireless retail store near you to drop your wireless 
phone and accessories in a HopeLine bin.
5.  Don’t have time to go to a store? Pack your wireless phone, 
battery, charger and accessories in a secure package. Print out our 
pre-paid mailing label and just drop in the mail.

Host a Phone Drive:

1. Select the dates and location for your drive. 
Be sure to plan for the length of your collection when you do so.
2. Get free HopeLine materials to promote and host your drive.
 Mail your request with the dates you've planned and we'll send you the materials.
3. Place the collection boxes in visible but secure locations. 
Move collections to a storage area as needed.
4. Pack your collected phones, batteries and accessories securely
 for shipment. Request mailing labels for special collections
 and ship your phones using the label provided.

If you have any more questions?
Please visit 
Verizon Hopeline FAQ's

or visit
Verizon's Hopeline website

Show your true colors this month and support
Domestic Violence Awareness!

fox + gypsy

September 27, 2016

Tunesday; How to Adult Podcast

Adulting (v): to do grown up things and hold
 responsibilities such as, a 9-5 job, a mortgage/rent,
 a car payment, or anything else that makes 
one think of grown ups.

And let's be honest, adulting ain't easy!
This week, instead of featuring one of our 
favorite songs, we are sharing the How to Adult Podcast 
for Many reasons, but we'll give you three:

1. It is the most hilarious podcast to listen
to during work. (and will get you through
almost any day)
2. IT'S NOW ON ITUNES, which we all know
means you are super official and a super
3. It's quite literally the most relatable podcast for 
any young adult trying to figure out this thing
called life.

Check out the hilarity on itunes:

Like them on facebook:

Check out a little preview:


fox + gypsy

September 15, 2016

all tied up

White button down; H&M Mens
Shorts; Savers
Shoes; Target
Bandana; local hobby store
Sunglasses; RayBan
Purse; Rebecca Minkoff
Earrings; Rack + Clutch

fox + gypsy

September 14, 2016

Off the shoulder button down

You know we love a good DIY,
especially involving fashion. There is 
nothing we love more than being able to 
revamp a staple piece in our closet
and give it new life.
We have been having fun playing
around with different ways to wear
our white button downs, but this
off the shoulder look definitely takes the cake.

Nothing seems chicer in fashion today
than a nice off the shoulder shirt or dress.
There is something so feminine about 
showing a little skin, and it seems to flatter
just about every woman. 

We pulled a few inspo pictures from the 
pages of Pinterest to spark some creativity in
our outfitting this week.

fox + gypsy

September 1, 2016

LBD Ladies Night

Oh yes it's ladies night and the feeling's right!

Join us tonight at the Missouri History Museum
as we host the FINAL LBD ladies night!
We are sad to bid this exhibit farewell,
but are looking forward to doing it in style.
Admission is FREE. And don't forget to wear
your Little Black Dress!

Here’s what we have going on tonight:

5 fashion trucks will be parked outside: including:
- Rack + Clutch
- Miki's Closet
- Nike + Miche
- Parsimonia Vintage
- Fashion Van Go

Michelle Volansky of @CreatureType will be sketching beautiful illustrations
Beth from Parsimonia - scarf tying demonstration 
Crafts: visitors can use Fashion Plates and make their
 own bedazzled black sunglasses
Drawing for great prizes 

We hope to see you there!