August 17, 2016

Little Black Dress Exhibit

"A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous."

And so should her dress!
What woman doesn't own a staple Little Black Dress?
It has become one of fashions most iconic
and classic pieces adorned by women everywhere.

We explored the history and evolution
of the Little Black Dress from Mourning, 
when it was used as a symbol for loss, to Night,
its more familiar use for a cocktail dress.

This exhibit is fantastic and is the perfect 
event for a Girls Night Out or even Date night!
We will be sad to see it go.

You can even share your own Little Black Dress Story
AND be featured in the exhibit too by sharing on social media
with the hashtag #LBDProject

Exhibit open NOW til September 5.

The exhibit begins as you explore the early
uses of the Little Black Dress for its use in
rituals of mourning. As you continue through
the museum, you begin to see the evolution
of how the little black dress became popularized
as a fashion staple, all the way to its use in
modern weddings.

We don't want to give away too much about the
exhibit, but there are only a few more
weeks to see the magic for yourself!
Admission is FREE!

Happy Exploring St. Louis!

fox + gypsy

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