June 22, 2016

Bonnaroo Festival Essentials

Bonnaroo may be over, but we know there are a slough of
other festivals on the horizon. We have put together
this handy "Survival" guide to get you through
any festival's toughest feat.

1. The festival may only be four days, but if you are like us
are don't leave the festival grounds all day, you need a
heavy duty (and fashionable) bag to carry around all of 
your essentials. We love this Rebecca Minkoff leather backpack.

2. No festival seems to be complete, or dust-free, without
a staple bandanna.

3. It's hot out there! Hydration is KEY if you are in it for the long haul. 
Last year, we discovered the magic of MISTING water
bottles. It saved our lives this year to say the least.

4. Most festivals have strict guidelines when it comes to what you
can bring. Bonnaroo does not allow glass bottles (AKA, perfume).
Thankfully, we discovered these Perfume Wipes from Pinrose.
Amazing. (found at Sephora)

5. If you don't have time to find a misting water bottle, we highly
recommend this Evian facial spray to stay cool and keep
your skin hydrated.

6. Snapchat and Instagram are fun, but there is something about a 
good ole fashion Instax Mini Polaroid that makes making memories
even more fun.

7. Dry Shampoo. Enough said if you are camping.

8. It's hot (sweat) and dusty; bad combination. These Ban Cooling
wipes are a great way to stay fresh and cooled.

9. Don't forget your sunscreen! We love this Banana Boat Sun 
Block with the Cool Zone.

10. Hopefully it's sunny, don't forget your shades! We always like
to pack a pair of "cheapies"...just in case.

11. There is a lot to document! You don't want to be in the pit
of your favorite band and have your phone die! Make sure
you pack an external charger. We suggest a SOLAR charger.
Charges during the day, keeps your phone alive all night!

12. Band Aids....just in case you bring some cute shoes
that aren't quite "festival friendly".

Happy Festivaling

fox + gypsy

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