May 18, 2016

Spanish Wine

We were feeling rather nostalgic the other
day, reminiscing on our Fall Euro Trip, and 
we realized we hadn't even shared our Spain pictures!

Although all of our destinations were scenic, there
was no way to capture the pure beauty of Spain.
Everything from the architecture, to the
landscapes and right down to the culture and locals,
beauty was everywhere.

Our friend lived in Malaga, so we did
much exploring in the city. But our favorite
time spent in Spain was roadtripping
along the countryside up to the small villaige of Atajate,
 where they were having a wine festival, called fiesta del mosto.
Man, do they know how to throw a wine festival!
The day was filled with laughs, sweet wine and dancing
so much that we (almost) forgot to snap photos!

We are definitely ready to start planning
our next adventure!

fox + gypsy

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