May 24, 2016

Now playing: How to Adult

We are always on a constant hunt for new listening material and the past few weeks we are thankful for our dear friend Ashli's new How to Adult podcast. A very necessary change of pace from our regular rotation of spotify playlists. We are especially in love with this podcast because it is fun and relatable and makes work time fly.

Ashli and Sarah discuss a variety of twenty-something important topics and problems from dating, male engagement rings (they need them!), Becky, wine and everything in between.

Living and working in NYC both of  Ashli and Sarah
have hilarious tales of adulting failures and experiences.
Sarah's a comedic writer for the Peoples Improv Theater and
Ashli works in fashion for a perfect combination of entertainment
(insert cry-laughing emoji here). 





Go ahead and try not to laugh at loud alone at your desk!
fox + gypsy

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