March 3, 2016

No Sew Twisted Headband DIY

Not too long ago, we posted an entry on a
DIY Turban headband that required a little
bit of sewing. BUT today, we thought we would share
our alternative NO sew headband! Its very easy, 
and quick.

You will need:

old tank top, tube top or skirt (preferably a stretchy
or spandex material)

Let's get started!

Start by laying your garment you chose 
on a hardflat surface (as pictured above).
We chose an old ponte skirt. Then, 
from the bottom (or top)measure about four
 inches (or more if you prefer a thicker 
headband). This will be the beginning of your
cutting point.

Take your scissors and cut evenly 
all the way across your
garment. You should be left with sort of an
"infinity" piece of fabric.

Take your fabric and twist it two times 
in the middle (as pictured above).

Then, take your two ends and 
meet them together, OR grab your middle 
twist section together in your hand
and let your loops fall to the sides (like pictured above).

And VOILA! You have yourself a headband!

Sometimes, these DIYS can be a little tough to
explain so if you are giving it a go, and are having
and troubles or questions, shoot us an email at:

 We will be happy to help you work out any kinks.

Happy DIY-ing!

fox + gypsy

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