January 14, 2016

you're so vanity

Today, we step inside of the eclectic world of
gypsy and her vanity. It's a uniquely 
assembled space with several interesting characteristics
and pieces. Very shabby chic!

Let's start with the vanity itself. The vanity
is comprised of an old refurbished coffee table. 
it was painted with several layers of paint, and then
sanded down to give it a vintage appeal.
The table is then adorned with this oversized 
gold framed mirror and then accompanied by
the perfect little vintage chair.

This is one of my favorite pieces on the vanity.
I am a self proclaimed sunglass collector,
so it was important to me to have a way to display
some of my favorite pairs. This old clasp hand display
holder was the perfect fit.

Over the years, I have become somewhat fond of brass
animal figures at the antique and thrift stores. I have
come to discover they make great jewelry holders, 
if you find the right one. A couple of my absolute favorites
are the mouse ring holder, and the crab whose shell is a case!

Bracelets and watches are somewhat difficult
sometimes to find a good holder for. I decided,
the perfect holders were a couple of old wine 
bottles I spray painted gold and stuck some
faux flowers in.

No vanity feels quite complete without a proper 
perfume display. My grandmother gifted me this mirror
tray, which seemed to work out perfect for my space.
It gives the bottles a chic feel. 
This old perfume sprayer is a new find
which I am more than excited about because for one,
it matches my Lady Gaga set, and two it's amazing.

Along with my brass animal collection comes by
"other" animal collection. I just love the way an old skull
looks as a jewelry holder. Plus, it gives the vanity
an edgy vibe.

 Lastly, the surroundings. Framing my vanity, are
these fantastic steel antlers from various animals
we found at Marshalls one day. We saw them and said
"Hey! Those would be great for jewelry!" I have to 
say the Moose Might be my favorite. Accompanying these
antlers are some small hanging shelves and this 
beautiful inspirational piece my sister made for me.

I hope you found some inspiration, and even 
some interest in exploring my vanity today! It's been a 
work in progress. I can't say I'll ever be complete, as long
as I keep finding brass animals. But for now,
I am more than pleased with the space.


fox & gypsy

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