January 13, 2016

Vanity Affair

In a house of four girls, it can be challenging
to have a "space" of your own, especially
when it comes to your vanity. We all have our own
taste when it comes to home decor, so sharing is
somewhat less of an option.

That being the case, we have been scouring pages
for inspiration on space saving ideas for
organization and the overall set up of our vanity.

There are SO many great ideas when it comes to
vanity organization. It can also get very creative,
and at times, crafty (hint, hint DIY projects).

Vanity's can be challenging when
it comes to storing your pretty little things.
Let's be honest, Between the makeup, the jewelry, the brushes, 
we have a lot to house in our little vanities!
You want to solve the issue of clutter, but still embody 
a chic and delicate vanity vibe. After all, this
IS on display for all to see (most of the time)
These are some of our favorite ideas we came across.

With each chic Vanity, lies a chic little chair.
Typically, when shopping for a vanity, it's rare
that it comes adorned with a matching chair. 
What's the fun in that anyway right? Finding
the perfect chair is half the fun when assembling
a classy new setup.

Finally, the main attraction, THE Vanity. The vanity
itself can be a a tough, but fun decision. You first
have to keep in mind the space you are working with,
and also what sort of aesthetic you are wanting to achieve.
You can go for a more modern feel with a nice mirrored table,
or go a more boho look with a vintagey feel.
 Either way its fun to think outside of the box and
find the perfect fit for your home.

We hope you enjoyed the inspiration! Stay tuned tomorrow
for an inside look at OUR vanity's.

Happy Hump Day!

fox + gypsy

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