January 29, 2016

a few of our favorite things

 Botanical Brunches
 Star Wars Transformations
 Always be a unicorn
 card shopping
 cute gift shop decor
 sunday dips
 snapchat fun
 lazy puggles
 early morning flow
 beautiful birthday flowers
ike the clown

Happy Friday!

fox + gypsy 

January 27, 2016

Crab Rangoon Dip

Whenever we need a good dip recipe, there is only
one place we turn to. No, not Pinterest, our mothers.
Pinterst has nothing on mom's recipes.
This past Sunday, we attended a football watch party
and we were asked to bring a dip. Cue mom!
She threw out a few options, but this one stood out
as the top contender; Crab Rangoon DIP.
We made our own modifications to the recipe
and we are very pleased with how delicious it turned out!
 It's easy to make, and who doesn't love crab rangoon?

You will need:

1 package or can of crab meat
1 package of cream cheese
3 green onions chopped
1 package of wontons
vegetable oil

For the Dip:
Take the crab, cream cheese and chopped onions.
 Mix the contents in a bowl. For easier mixing, soften 
the cream cheese in the microwave for 30 seconds or less.

For the Wonton Chips:

Take a large to medium size frying pan 
and pour your vegetable oil about half way into the pan.
Turn the stove on medium/low heat. Let it heat for about
two minutes. When ready. begin to gently place your
wontons into the oil. We cut our wontons into triangular
halfs, but you can choose to make them however you
would like! let simmer for about 15-20 seconds, then flip
the wonton in the oil. Repeat this until both sides
are golden brown. Remove from heat and place 
into a heat safe bowl. Repeat until you are 
satisfied with the amount of wonton chips!

Serve and enjoy!

fox + gypsy

January 25, 2016

a few of our favorite things

pretty little things
lipstick organizing
new cousin snuggles
Feeling fancy
cryptic messages
hanging in wine cellars
blending in
staying warm
star wars themed meetings
when babies take over your iphone

Happy Monday!

fox + gypsy

January 21, 2016

wine down

Today, we are sharing this very simple gold
wine bottle jewelry holder DIY.

You will need:

wine bottles
gold spray paint

Be sure to clean the surface of your wine bottle, and
remove any labels before spray painting.

Spray pain the entire surface of the wine bottle
and allow to dry overnight.

Voila! You have yourself a beautiful new
vanity piece!

fox + gypsy

January 19, 2016

Tunesday; Leon Bridges

Leon Bridges is a 25 year old singer/songwriter and guitarist 
evoking a throwback sound that we love.
His debut album, Coming Home, which released this
past summer, is loaded with music very reminiscent of
60's soul. He's certainly a singer out of his time,
but one we are very looking forward to catching
at Bonnaroo this summer!

Catch his debut album Coming Home
on Spotify!

Happy Tunesday!

fox & gypsy