December 2, 2015

London Town

Cheers! We have bittersweet-ly made our reluctant
return to the states from our big EuroTrip 2015!
Needless to say, we had the trip of a lifetime.
We met up with friends, made some new ones,
and created lasting memories along to way.

On our trip, we visited three different places: 
London, Rome and Malaga. Each place held a 
different adventure and lots of beauty.

Today, we are sharing our a few of our favorite
London things!

No London trip is complete without a stop at
"Liz's" (as the locals call her) house, Buckingham Palace.
The palace was closed for tours this time of year
but just being outside was just as magical
as we imagine the inside to be.

And we thought America was the only place
that celebrate our favorite party, Ugly Sweaters!
These amazing Lads took us both in and invited us
to their Christmas Lads Dinner party, complete
with ugly sweaters, Christmas Crackers, Secret Santas
and of course... Presecco. Lots and lots of Presecco!
Later that evening we danced the night away at a local
club where they were holding a Rock Glam themed night!

We were certainly feeling the keen sting of partying,
so it was nice to have an afternoon of brunching
gabbing, and touring the local parks and markets.

One of our favorite parts about London was all the cozy
Pubs and restaurants. It is so easy to just be walking
along the street, spot a nice place and just pop in for
a snack...or a beer or two :) Sadly this trip, we missed out
on two very traditional food plates: an English Breakfast
and Fish and Chips. We aren't proud, but that just means
we will have to go back for more!

One of THE coolest spots they brought us to was Gordons
(pictured in the last picture). Gordons is the oldest wine
bar in London and is located in downtown london in an
old cellar like building, beautifully lit with candlelight.
So Romantic!

Our Dear friend and host, Sophie set us up nicely and THE cutest
Mani and Pedi salon in all the land, Cheeky. Not only
is the decor right up our alley, but you can enjoy
a nice glass (or bottle) of Proscecco while you are being pampered.

Of course, we had to walk by all the touristy hot spots. 
Our other lovely host and friend, Kim, trolled us around
London at evening and night to spy some sights. We
saw Big Ben, London Eye, the Shard, Globe Theater
and some fun street graffiti, all in one night!

We may have been away for the holidays, but
London did NOT disappoint in reminding us of the holiday
spirit. We were DAZZLED by the London Christmas Markets
that are located in various areas of the city. You could barely 
walk a couple of blocks without running into a
beautifully lit street or market.
At the markets, you can enjoy lots of festive
Christmas activites, such as the the merry-go-round
and of course, hot mulled wine!

One of our favorite night life experiences was
The London Cocktail Bar. Lots of fancy drinks
served in skulls, shots served in, well, shots!
 and of course, plenty of late night dancing!

Our hosts were lovely enough to take us one afternoon
to Notting Hill, a must-see for us! It was as picturesque
as we imagined. And no, we did not see Hugh Grant, but
we did see lots of lovely shops and painted buildings
which is just as fantastic!

The tube was an....interesting...experience for us :)
We don't use public transportation here is St. Louis
so it was entertaining trying to get around. This picture
was snapped of Danica, after we tried to catch a line
during rush hour, and we feared we had lost her
on the platform. Luckily, the sea of people parted, and 
Danica was spotted a door down.

Sophie has lovely decor taste ;)

London was a ball, and our hosts were 
fantastic and lovely. We could not have asked for a 
better stay in London, and are definitely
planning to return soon!


fox + gypsy

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