December 23, 2015

Hollyday garland Crown

Today, we are bringing you our festive take on the
traditional Flower Crown, with this lovely
Holiday Holly Garland Crown!

There are TONS of ways you can make
this lovely holiday accessory and be creative.
All of your supplies can be purchased at your local
craft or hobby store.

Here's what we used: 

wooden twig wreath
strand of garland
holly berries
white and clear glitter 
gold wire

Once you have gathered all your supplies,
it's time to start making your holiday crown!
It's really up to you how you would like yours
to look so get as creative as you want.
We attached and held everything together
with our gold wire and used spray adhesive
to stick our glitter. We love the glitter and how it
gives the garland a snowy effect.

Happy Hollydays!

fox + gypsy

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